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Personal Assistant


One of the most important business management additions in modern time is a Personal Assistant. Our service providers understand the value of your time and make sure that your personal responsibilities are taken care of while you can focus on building your career and managing your busy lifestyle.

You have the benefit of on site as well as virtual assistance. These services also take on administrative responsibilities to make your job easier. Tasks like book keeping, accounting, sales, customer relationship, website management, social media management can be very time consuming. All of the above is taken care of by these service providers.

Every Personal Assistant is dedicated to providing you with a primary or secondary system that will help you find solutions to these management issues. They are trained to be very fluent in communication and will also use media such as e-mail, messenger services and the telephone to ensure that you have assistance around the clock.

You can specify the number of hours that you require these services for and make the most of affordable rates for high quality facilities. Your assistants are well networked to make sure that you have several alternatives to manage your personal as well as administrative tasks.


Set-up Appointments

Set up recurring appointments with your hair stylist

Find doctors/dentists in your network and book appointments

Find activities for your kids and keep their schedule current

Make Purchases

Research and buy gifts for your friends and family this holiday season

Have your meals and/or groceries bought and delivered

Compare and purchase any item (ex: running shoes, refrigerators, vehicles)

Plan Events

Locate venue for your wedding

Coordinate with vendors for family reunion

Send updates via social media

Drive Personal Goals

Keep you accountable and motivated

Find and provide resources to keep you on track

Set up a reward system for certain milestones

Manage Household Tasks

Meal planning

Schedule home cleaners

Pay bills & organize receipts

Clean Inbox

Create filters, rules, etc. and answer any non-essential emails

Send a TL;DR on certain emails and alerts for the important ones

Use templates and rules for customer service inquiries

Manage Scheduling & Calendaring

Manage Scheduling & Calendaring

Correspond with co-workers to set up weekly meetings

Set-up an end of day document for tomorrow’s meetings, complete with dossiers

Alert you to important events that are coming up and any actionables

Travel Coordination

Flight planning

Research new restaurants for taking clients

Build an itinerary for an upcoming trip

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